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The business of smiles

It is time to Reconnect
It is time to Bridge the Gap
That time is NOW
...And it all starts with a Smile

We hear you, we see you, we acknowledge you!

Thank you for doing your best right now!

Let's spread some smiles with our "Smiley Socks" 

Happiness is not a goal.

It's a by-product of a life well-lived.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

i hope you're smiling

The business of smiles is a place to share a smile and to start a conversation. We are on a journey to spread these infectious smiles, one smile at a time!


We do this for our mental health because blokes don’t always have to talk especially when our actions are much louder than words! There are a lot of good men in our community and when we get together we can achieve great things!


Our sock Story

They are bright yellow socks, with black polka dots that carry a significant message. 

The black dots represent our dark days... we all have them no one is getting out of that. The yellow represents the warm winters sun you can feel on your back on those gorgeous sunny winters days... So on our dark days let the warmth of our community get around you, share these days so that we can all learn and support each other... The easiest way to do this is by putting these socks on and sharing the story of them so that you can pass on the smile you felt when you received them.... Let’s infect the world with Smiles!!

Please help us by purchasing your pair of socks either to wear or to help us hand them out on the run, Miles 4 Smiles.  

Meet the business of smiles founders 
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James Short


Both Scott and James have an interesting story. 

At the age of 14 Scott was living on the street, fending for himself.

Coming from a broken home he saw the impact of what a lack of conversations had on a young man growing up. He was taken in by a beautiful family who taught him the power of mentors and how love can heal so many things.


Fast forward to 8 years ago, where his wife was on a bike path bleeding from her head and mouth, holding his two year old son in one arm and her in the other, helpless, no one 



was stopping, people kept running and riding past. It was this incident that related his deep passion to make a change, and that stopping to have conversations are so important, to see if people are “OK”,and to bring a smile to their face, which allowed them to open up and talk about their dark days. We all have them… 


James’ parents divorced at the age of 5, this is where he learnt the art of communication, and the impact it has on so many people’s lives. He committed to a journey of life long learning and putting his lessons into actions. Being bought up by his mother and 3 sisters, taught him valuable lessons around self awareness, communication and mental toughness.


James uses this mental toughness in all his challenges that he has undertaken; from Ironman Triathlons, Ultra-Marathons; to running 250km through the Simpson Desert. James mixes this mental toughness with a genuine care and empathy for people that allows them open and share their own challenges, and to start conversations. 


Both Scott and James met in late 2020 and immediately knew big things would come from this relationship. Now, as they have teamed up together and created “The Business of Smiles” - their mission is to start 10,000 conversations on this run from Sydney to Melbourne about the mental health crisis. 



These conversations all start with a sock…. 



Smiles events

We welcome all ages who are looking for a community and a fun, active way to live life. By registering with us, you'll receive updates about our upcoming sessions and how you can get involved.

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The business of smiles

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