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The Run

This October, 2023 Scott and James will be running from Sydney to Melbourne,

1250km, to start 10,000 conversations on

the mental health crisis in Australia.


Here is the journey!

Follow the black line from Sydney, down the Coast to Melbourne

At least they are running down hill...hahahahaha

Want to get involved?

Reach out to Shorty (James) to chat further


Route and times for run from Sydney to Melbourne

Wednesday October 4, Day 1

6am start Walumil Lawns, Barangaroo reserve - Cronulla RSL Club 49.7k. Finish 3pm

Via Ives Steps Wharf 950m, Sydney Opera House 1.9km, Mrs Macquaries Chair 1.4k, Captain Cooks Landing Place 36k


Thursday October 5, day 2

5:30am Cronulla Ferry - Bundeena wharf 6am take off - WIN Sports and Entertainment Centre 53k. Finish 3pm


Friday October 6 day 3

6am start Win SEC - Seven Mile Holiday Park Gerroa 49k. Finish 2pm


Saturday October 7 day 4

6am start Seven Mile Holiday Park - Holiday Haven White Sands Huskisson 52k. Finish 2pm


Sunday October 8 day 5

6am start Holiday Haven white sands - Milton Public School 49k. Finish 2pm


Monday October 9 day 6

6am start Milton Public School - Ulladulla - Batemans Bay big 4 59.7k. Finish 4pm


Tuesday October 10 day 7

6am start Batemans Bay Big 4 - Bodalla bowling club 53k. Finish 3pm


Wednesday October 11 day 8

6am start Bodalla Bowling club - Reflections Holiday Park Bermagui 49k. Finish 2pm


Thursday October 12 day 9

6am start Reflections Holiday park Bermagui - Sapphire Coast Turf Club 52k. Finish 3pm


Friday October 13 day 10

6am start Sapphire Coast Turf Club - Big 4 Eden Beach front 47.4k. Finish 3pm


Saturday October 14 day 11

6am start Big 4 Eden Beach front - Australia post Genoa 58km. Finish 3pm


Sunday October 15 day 12

6am start Australia post Genoa - Mallacoota - Australia post Genoa 46k. Finish 3pm


Monday October 16 day 13

6am start Australia post Genoa - Cann River Rainforest Caravan Park 47k. Finish 3pm


Tuesday October 17 day 14

6am start Cann River Rainforest Caravan Park - Cabbage Tree Public Hall 47k. Finish 3pm


Wednesday October 18 day 15

6am start Cabbage Tree Public Hall - Marlo - Orbost Snowy River Caravan Park 43k. Finish 3pm


Thursday October 19 day 16

6am start Orbost Snowy River Caravan Park - Lake Tyers Aboriginal trust 51k. Finish 3pm


Friday October 20 day 17

6am start Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust - Lakes Entrance - Nicholson River Holiday Park 54k. Finish 3pm


Saturday October 21 day 18

6 am start Nicholson River Holiday park - Stratford on the river Caravan Park 62k. Finish 4 pm


Sunday October 22 day 19

6 am start Stratford on the River Caravan park - Sale - Flynn Recreation Reserve 53k. Finish 3pm


Monday October 23 day 20

6am start Flynn Recreation Reserve - Yarram holiday Park 55k. Finish 3pm


Tuesday October 24 day 21

6am start Yarram Holiday Park - Prom Central Caravan Park, Foster 49k. Finish 2pm


Wednesday October 25 day 22

6am start Prom Central Caravan Park - Big 4 Inverloch 47k. Finish 2pm


Thursday October 26 day 23

6am start Big 4 Inverloch - Kilcunda - Grantville rec reserve 48k. Finish 2pm


Friday October 27 day 24

6am Start Grantville rec reserve - Olivers Hill Frankston 62k. Finish 4pm


Saturday October 28 day 25

7am start Olivers hill Frankston - Catani gardens 43k. Finish 3pm

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