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How can you help us start 10,000 meaningful conversations about the Mental Health Crisis... 
















On the 4th October this year (2022), Scott and James are running from Sydney to Melbourne, a 1300km run to start conversations on the mental health crisis in Australia, and they need your help...

The statistics need addressing as this crisis is worsening and its time to start a conversation around it.


3 millions Australians are living with depression or anxiety


1 in 5 Australian's aged between 18-85 experience a mental illness in any year


Suicide is the leading cause of death amongst people aged 15-44 in Australia


8 Australians die daily through suicide. That’s more than 3000 a year, which is a staggering & yet preventable number.

This run has so many levels and benefits

Personal impact


Scott and James are both having their fathers come and support them on this journey. They are also bringing their kids as support. Both of them have realised the generational trauma that has resulted in their Fathers not knowing their kids and they want to learn; heal; and grow from the different generations and the conversations that will be had.


Community impact

The route that they are running is via the Coast, which is longer than the usual highway. This is because there are more regional towns along the way. These towns are usually forgotten when it comes to issues like mental health and having conversations. Scott and James will be having conversations with community groups throughout the towns they past through; sharing stories, understanding their struggles, and listening to their opportunities. They will be handing out socks along the way to start these conversations.












These conversations all start with a sock…. 

The signature sock, is a bright yellow sock.

The yellow represents that nice warm winter sun on your back, it’s the friends

and family around you, supporting you. The black dots, represent our dark days,

and we all have them. When you see these socks, you immediately smile,

look up and there you see Scott or James smiling right back at you,

and that starts a conversation. 

They can't do this alone, and don't want to do it alone -

please support them on this epic journey

There are 4 ways in which you can help

1. Buy socks

Simply go to and buy some socks. You can buy them for yourself; for Scott and James to hand out on the run on your behalf; or get them personally branded and use them for your own marketing purposes. The proceeds of these socks will allow us too continual have these conversations whilst on the run.

2. Donate

Every bit of financial support helps us move one foot after the other. Simply go to

The much needed donations will help support us on this 25 day epic challenge. Your donations will feed us, physically, emotionally and spiritually to help us have more conversations on this 1300km run. 

3. Provide resources

Putting together this event is epic and requires so many resources. If you can provide any other these resources or know someone who can, please let us know. Please view our resource required page at 

4. Becoming a “Miles 4 Smiles” Partner

This event will have huge exposure to those businesses that want to partner with Scott and James for this event. From signage rights, media coverage, branded socks, product endorsements, and key note presentations - go to the to download our Partnership Proposal outline and see how your business can also benefit from this run and the huge exposure you will receive.

Thank you so much for helping us to start conversations, by starting a conversation with you

Please get in contact with either Scott 0488 449 877 or James 0413 524 121 to see where you would like to help

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