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Miles 4 Smiles Monthly walks

Our live run was postponed which had given us the amazing opportunity to run together on Sat 9th October. 

This event was incredible - we had over 150 conversations in our local communities. We reconnected with people, we started conversations, it all started with a SMILE and a pair of socks!

This event has sparked the initiative "Miles 4 Smiles Monthly Walks"

Come join the SMILEY BRIGADE in your community and reconnect

Each month the Smiley Brigade hit the streets and had out "Smiley Socks" and start conversations.

Get together a group of friends that want to "Bridge the gap" and Reconnect

We will show you how it does via our online training sessions before the day

It is time to reconnect

It is time to bridge the gap

That time is NOW 

And it all starts with a SMILE

For more info send your details to or 

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