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Northern Rivers Run 

“Connecting Communities”


The guys from the charity, The Business of Smiles are at it again in their next event, “Northern Rivers Run” where they will be connecting in with local communities from the Evans Head, Lismore and the Mullumbimby areas starting Monday 20th June to Wednesday 22nd June. 


The key message from this event is about “listening” and hearing people’s stories. We are not here to provide solutions or strategies, just to hold the space for people to share and feel heard.” Co-founder of the charity, James Short says. 


“We are heading to Evans Head, Lismore and Mullumbimby to hold a FREE breakfast, have conversations and hand out pairs of our Smiley Socks. These socks have a special story behind them. On each pair there are black dots. The dots represent our dark days, we all have dark days, especially over these past few years. However, around these dark dots is bright yellow. This yellow represents the nice winter warm sun upon your back, it is your family and friends supporting you on your dark days. As you can see there is more yellow than dark dots. Yet, we need to talk about these dark dots and share our stories so the yellow can shine brightly” 


The event starts on Monday 20th June, 8am at the Chapel at Camp Koinonia with a FREE breakfast provided by Rotary Evans Heads, conversations and a pair of the “Smiley Socks” to be given out. 


Then charity founders Scott and Shorty (James) run from Evans Head to Lismore (approx 45km).


Then on Tuesday 21st, 8am at the Southern Cross Uni, the E-block campus (out the front of the Living School Campus), breakfast is served again (thanks to Rotary Networking group of Lismore, Elders Real Estate - The Lifestyle Group Lismore, and The Living School), with more conversations and socks given out. 


From there the guys put the shoes back on and run from Lismore to Mullumbimby (approx 40km). 


On the Wednesday 22nd June at 730am, in the St Martins Church Ground, Mullumbimby breakfast is served (thanks to Rotary Mullumbimby) with conversations and socks. 


Please spread the word and come and join us for breakfast, conversations and receive a pair of smiley socks. 


For further info please call Shorty (James Short) on 0413 524 121 or 

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